Sunday, May 03, 2009

What is a Home Inspection?

A home Inspection is primarily a visual, non-destructive, inspection with limited probing where allowed, with operational tests of systems using normal controls. The home inspection reports on the condition of the home as found on the date of inspection, and makes recommendations to repair, replace, monitor a system if marginal, or recommends further evaluation of a system if this is needed to determine the true condition. A home inspection should not be considered to be an insurance policy against future damages or damaged from concealed or latent conditions that may be present when the home was inspected. There may be conditions that are not identifiable at the time of the inspection because they do not immediately show themselves as problems, but instead progressively deteriorate and require repair or replacement at a future time. For example, a basement filled with stored items can hide defects in the foundation wall framing. Re-modeling or building an addition onto the home can expose hidden termite damage when walls are opened. A home inspection is not a guarantee against the possibility that repairs may be needed to the home. You should expect the need for maintenance, and repairs, because no inspection can totally eliminate all risks, and all homes need regular maintenance to keep them in good condition.Who Will Do the Home Inspection? Your home inspection should be done by a licensed home inspector who also has engineering training. State regulations actually do not require home inspectors to be engineers, and only a few of the hundreds of home inspectors in NJ are engineers. If you choose Meyers Home Inspections, your inspection will be done by degreed engineers, or by an experienced Licensed NJ Home Inspector, with the home inspection report reviewed for accuracy and completeness by the engineer before it is sent out to you.


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