Sunday, May 03, 2009

What Type of Home Inspection Report is Best?

Our home inspection reports have been called "the best we have ever seen" by numerous clients, attorneys and real estate professionals. We provide a detailed narrative style written report that is custom written for your property. The report includes digital color photos of your home and the home systems. If you have a question about anything that is in our report you can call the inspector directly to get the answer.

What About Instant Check List Type of Reports?
We do NOT provide a "check list" type of report, as we feel that a "check list" report can not provide adequate detail or accuracy as compared to the narrative report that we custom prepare in our office. We will be happy to answer questions during the inspection, but will not provide an "instant" computer generated type of report. Our considerable experience doing home inspections for many years has convinced us that "instant" type reports provided by some other home inspectors are likely to be inaccurate or incomplete since they are not proof read before delivery.


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