Sunday, August 16, 2009

Inspection of Forclosed Vacant Homes

A home that has been foreclosed and is bank owned and vacant is more likely to have serious defects and potentially hazardous conditions than a home that is owner occupied. The bargain home you envision may not be such a bargain after all once you take into consideration the cost of the repairs that may be needed to put the home into satisfactory condition.

Some examples of the problems we find when we inspect foreclosed vacant homes are:
  • Flooded conditions due to plumbing leaks.
  • Damaged plumbing and heating equipment due to either flooding or vandalism.
  • Damaged plumbing due to freeze conditions that occur in winter.
  • Damaged interior walls, floors, and ceilings due to roof leaks.
  • Mold growth due to water intrusion for extended periods of time.
  • Structural mechanical and electrical defects due to lack of maintenance to the home and non-professional "jury-rigged" repairs.

All of these serious defects can be very expensive to correct. For this reason it is more important to have the home inspected by a professional who has experience with these types of properties.

In New Jersey, all home inspectors must be state licensed, but not all are experienced with the problems presented by foreclosed homes. Meyers Home Inspections is one company that has a great deal of experience and is fully qualified to properly inspect these homes. With 25 years of experience inspecting homes in NJ we will find and properly describe the defects in the home before you buy it.


Blogger housesinstoke said...

I have noticed most of the time plumbing leaks causes the problem.
How can we prevent our property to this kind of problems.

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